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Amber & Stone

Explore our collection of amber and stone rings; Men's rings in solid sterling silver and with Baltic amber or other of our hand selected stones. Handmade jewelry in Scandinavian design from our Copenhagen atelier.

Our Amber ring collection is our Signum collection. The natural Baltic amber is selected by hand for its top quality, unique color and shape. Amber is a hard translucent fossilized resin, originating from the Tertiary period, often in yellow-brownish shades. Each of our amber stones is individual in shape and in color and found from the local coasts of the Baltic Sea.

Also, explore our broad collection of stone rings in black onyx, sheen obsidian, carnelian, hematite, amethyst and moon stone. Each and one of them in unique designs that stands out in the crowd.

Note at our Baltic amber ring and our stone rings are made on order.