Interview with Vincent Chaisy, Founder of Black Rock Jewel


What is the story behind the brand?

Black Rock Jewel offers a wide range of high-quality, rough style jewelry for the urban man.

The history behind the brand and where it all started is that I lacked some cool jewelry on the market for myself. I wanted to have some really unique jewelry, produced locally in a sustainable way, far away from all the mass produced stuff in the stores - but yet to a good price.

As I couldn´t find it, I gave it a try to craft that kind of rough designed rings and cuffs that I wanted to have for myself. Soon I understood that I was not alone to search for this kind of jewelry designs, as people I met started to buy my accessories directly from my arms and hands! And already within some weeks I had a small production started and the brand was born.


Whats your background?

My passion for fashion and jewelry design was actually not born in any design school. Instead I have a background as chef in top Michelin restaurants in France, Switzerland and Denmark. I would definitely say that working in a 3 star Michelin kitchen probably is the best school for all creative minds! That really gives you an out-of the box perspective of forms and textures, hand made processes, quality aspects, discipline and business mind - and where absolutely every detail has full attention and made with all care you can imagine. Actually, I use a lot of the same processes and materials for the Black Rock Jewel hand-made design process, as I was taught at top Michelin restaurants!


How many people are involved in the company and what are their roles?

Black Rock Jewel has always had - and will always have - a brand identity as local, where every single item is hand made in Copenhagen. The same idea applies to the team around the brand. This is a pure family business, where my wife Hanna and I control all of the core brand activities. Hanna has a background in brands and design and I would say we do more or less everything together.


Where do you plan on taking the brand?

The background for the existence of Black Rock Jewel is that we for a long time have felt that men’s jewelry has been a blank space on the market. The selection and variety of styles to fit the modern man, has been highly limited. And moreover, to find high-quality men’s jewelry for reasonable prices. That is our raison d'être to fill that gap - today and for the future.



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