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Care & Maintenance

About our materials

All our silver jewelry is made from sterling silver (92,5% pure silver with alloy material in copper to harden the soft silver). We do not intentionally add nickel to our jewelry and it is therefore considered as ‘nickel safe’. However extremely small amounts of nickel might be present in the sterling silver, since nickel can be a trace material in the alloy. If so, the amounts of nickel are so low that only people who are hypersensitive may react to them.

We always use natural stones, unless otherwise is stated.


Care guide

Please follow this guide in order to take good care of your jewelry:

  • Store your jewelry in our jewelry box.
  • Never store your jewelry in the bathroom as the moisture can cause rapid oxidization. If you live in a moist climate, we strongly recommend you to store the jewelry in a zip lock bag with the silica gel bag inside.
  • For cleaning our jewelry, use lukewarm water, mild soap and a soft brush to gently clean the surface.
  • Always remove jewelry prior to swimming, bathing and doing sports or other physical activity.
  • Limit contact with creams, perfume and lotions.
  • Avoid contact with polishing liquids or other strong chemicals.
  • Never wear a jewelry direct to your skin on the same place on a daily basis over long time. Instead, make sure you take it off during sleep, not using it on daily basis and trying to shift fingers for your rings.
  • Always be careful in your use when you wear chains or any other of our jewelry, so you don't break it.